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DOC_head.jpgAbout WeatherRun

Here at WeatherRun, we have been involved with Weimaraners since 1967.  For the first 15 years, our first Weim "Duchess" displayed all those wonderful characteristics of the breed - beauty, brains, birdiness, loyalty, gentleness, devotion and protectiveness and simply captivated us.   At 14 years of age, Duchess still loved the field and still displayed her strong, rock-solid, classic point.  For the next 25 years we started into showing and breeding with the acquisition of "Sophie", who would provide us with a world of experience on her way to becoming CH Brelyn's E St Shuffle.  Bitten by the bug, we then added American import puppies, "Cyd", CH Silvermont's Border Crossing and "Stan", CH WeatherRun's Amity Infusion.  Then, our wonderful "Sally", Katakam's Chase the Wind came to live with us when she was 5 years old.   Stan and Sally produced our cover boy "Doc", Ch WeatherRun's Arokat Spindrifter (pictured).   We added "Breeze", Can/ Am CH WeatherRun Instar's Winterlude who made short work of her Canadian Championship in three shows and completed her Am Ch in 7 weekends earning several BOB's & BOS, a Group 3, a 5-pt Major and a 3-pt major.   Breeze represented a new beginning with our old, familiar bloodlines.   We co-own one of Doc's daughters Abbey, Ch Instars Absolutely Divine and own Jazz, one of her daughters. Abbey also produce our "PT" who went on to sire 3 litters before going to live in Venezuela -- you can see his influence in his sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters here on our website. Pt has gone on to be a premier sire in Venezuela. You can meet these and other wonderful  WeatherRun Weims elsewhere on this website.  At WeatherRun, our Canadian, American and European bloodlines have been selected to produce beautiful, healthy, athletic dogs of substance that are outstanding show, field, water dogs and enjoy an active outdoor life.  We are very proud of our past, present and future here at WeatherRun and our show and performance record speaks for itself. 

 Our Goals: Genetic Health, Structure & Temperament

Genetic Health

Drawing on many years of cattle breeding, showing and judging, and university genetics (many years ago) I was struck by the high (Wright's) co-efficient of inbreeding and the subsequent expression of the negative effects on the immune system of our Weims.  Wright postulated that as the co-efficient of inbreeding increased, so did the negative impact on the resulting progeny's immune system.  With current breeding technology and ease of travel, access to high-profile studs has increased.  This has caused a very noticeable shrinking of the Weimaraner gene pool which in turn limits the availability of new blood.   It has become quite a challenge to find genetic diversity that carries all those characteristics we want in our Weims -- notably, type, temperament and genetic health.

Until the research to find the maker genes for major genetic disorders is complete, as conscientious breeders all we have is trust that full and complete genetic health history of potential stud dogs and bitches is shared  openly. That is the only way we can make informed breeding decisions. A beautiful show dog that is used extensively at stud is sharing both the good and the bad.  The good we can see and applaud through the phenotype displayed. The faulty genotype is what we don't see and need to know.

It has become our practice to introduce proven outcross bloodlines in an effort to maintain enough genetic diversity to work within our efforts to develop healthy Weimaraners with temperaments well fit for life within a family, in the show ring, in the field and/or in the performance ring .


It is also our goal at WeatherRun to breed Weims that display substance, style and power, measure in the upper half of the breed standard and have the athleticism, stamina and instincts to work all day in the field.   Our breed is often referred to as a "profile" or "outline" breed by judges.   As a sporting breed, MOVEMENT, both side gait and down & back, and hence CORRECT STRUCTURE are of paramount concern.   With current Bloat/Torsion research pointing to a high co-relation to thoracic structure, we endeavor to avoid extremes in chest and rib-cage structure. I cannot subscribe to the notion that if a little is good then more is better unless it improves the ability of the dog to do what it was bred for.  


Temperament and Trainability are the most fundamental of a breeder's goals. Dogs that are aggressive or fearful are equally unpredictable.  It is our goal to breed dogs with a temperament suitable for both the home and performance. 

Along with thorough pedigree research to include temperament attributes, we use the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test to help us determine the basic temperament tendencies of each puppy at 7 weeks. We have also developed a puppy development program that prescribes a series of activities that every puppy is exposed to for birth to the time they leave us at WeatherRun.   When you visit, you can see this program we feel to be a prescription for developing happy, well socialized and confident puppies.  In recent years we have added "clicker" training for our puppies beginning at 5 weeks.  It never ceases to amaze me what and how quickly these puppies can learn. They will have a great beginning here at WeatherRun and it is our goal for new owners to continue in the development of the whole puppy when it enters the new environment of its new home to become the well rounded dog they are meant to be.

Is a Weimaraner Right for You?

There is much to consider when making the decision to acquire a weimaraner puppy.   I hope I can help you in making that decision with some information gleaned from my 30 years' experience with the breed.    Please read the section on the "Origin of the Breed".  While this section focuses on the hunting qualities of the breed, it also lets you understand some of the personality traits and needs of the Weimaraner.   It must be remembered that while the Weim makes an incredible pet companion, it is first and foremost a sporting breed, with high energy outlet needs, that thrives on human contact.  Also, I would like to reassure you that when the literature says the weimaraner is intelligent - they are not kidding.  Left to their own devices without proper training can be a recipe for disaster.  The Weimaraner's intelligence makes it both a challenge and a delight. The challenge comes from making sure YOU train the dog and the dog doesn't train you. The delight comes from the ease of training.  They learn very quickly, most easily through consistent modeling of expectations.  The breed is very people oriented.   They attach to their humans quickly and deeply which means they must be socialized with other people and dogs from puppyhood to prevent an unacceptable level of territoriality and dog aggression.    Failure to do this can result in behaviours that are difficult to break.   Breed characteristics include loyalty and protectiveness but you do not want to cultivate over protectiveness due to lack of socialization.  It is also worth mention that periods of independent time will also do the dog well and discourage “separation anxiety”.  It should never be forgotten; they are a sporting breed with natural hunting instincts and as such require exercise.   Here at WeatherRun, the dogs run off lead three times daily.   I travel nearly 3km which means they travel at least double that.  While this is not really necessary for some other breeds, I believe it provides an energy release, keeps them fit and adds to their longevity - doesn't hurt me either.

In making your decision to acquire a Weimaraner,
it is important to match the breed to your lifestyle and activity level. 
Quite a challenge!!  Quite a commitment!!!

Tom Lyon

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